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BoneSim Laboratories CRC™ (clinical reprocessing studies)


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CRC™(Clinical Reprocessing Cycles)

BoneSim™ Laboratories provides medical device life cycle testing for R&D purposes. Our Clinical Reprocessing Cycles, or CRC™, including surgical instrument life cycle testing can help device producers bring their product to market with more efficiency and with more confidence in the end product. Utilizing our CRC™ services allows for a technical, non-biased, certified validation in which the end user will be provided with the certificate and corresponding technical document(s).

 Functional and assembly testing at intervals also provided.  


See what the FDA has to say...

The FDA notes that labels on reusable medical devices should either tell users how many times the device can be reused or inform the user how to tell when the device has reached the end of its lifecycle.

If you're not sure how many times your medical device can safely be reused, learn more about Autoclave Cycles and lifecycle conditioning. Learn more about if Clinical Reprocessing Cycles is for you!

Read FDA Guidelines on Reusable Medical Devices

New Materials? New Design?

Do you have new materials or medical devices that require validation through clinical reprocessing cycles? 

Do you have new features or processes for your design that requires validation through clinical processing cycles? 

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BoneSim Laboratories CRC™

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