Why Life Cycle Testing is Important

FDA Requirements

Medical device labels should either inform the user of how many times the device can be reused or provide the user with a method to know when the device has exceeded it’s lifetime. If your medical device does not currently have these labels, learn more about lifecycle conditioning from Bonesim Laboratories.

Gain Confidence in Your Product

 Our Clinical Reprocessing Cycles, or CRC™, including surgical instrument life cycle testing, can help device producers bring their product to market with more efficiency and with more confidence in the end product.  

Why Choose Us

 Utilizing our CRC™ services allows for a technical, non-biased, certified validation in which the end user will be provided with the certificate and corresponding technical documents. Contact Bonesim Laboratories today to learn more.

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New Materials

Do you have new materials that require validation through clinical processing cycles? 

New Design

Do you have new features for your design that requires validation through clinical processing cycles? 

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